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Reactivation Plan

Village of Monticello Problem Properties Remediation Action Plan

Remediate long-term vacant properties with New York state-authorized legal tools

Reactivation Plan

Northampton County Blight Reversal & Remediation Plan

Plan to address problem properties in county with urban, rural and suburban communities.

Case Study

Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine

A Private-Led Model For Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods

Published Book

ABA Vacant and Problem Properties Book

Creating the Framework in Local Government for Action on Problem Properties

Reactivation Plan

Bethlehem Blight Remediation and Mitigation Plan

Reactivate blighted properties and equitably grow diverse neighborhood markets.

impact study

West Philadelphia Scattered Site Model

Neighborhood impact of rehabilitating vacant properties into rental housing.

real estate development guide

Wilmington Step-by-Step Guide

First city guide to development starts reform process.

Action Agenda

Healthy Rowhouse Project

Coalition agenda to preserve the city's affordable rowhouses and improve resident health.

Action agenda

Next Great City 2015

Third coalition agenda to provide renewed investment, energy and strength to the city‘s neighborhoods while supporting sustainable practices.

Economic impact analysis

Stronger Together

Study on the economic impact community development corporations have had on New Jersey over the last
25 years.

action plan

School District Operations: Getting
to Great

Details how the district can provide safe, high quality physical learning environments, food, and transportation services to their students.


From Blight To Bright

Manual presents the most effective tools and strategies available to Pennsylvania local governments to return vacant properties to productive use.

national web portal

Healthy Food Access

Creation of the nation's first comprehensive healthy food access retail portal.

Equity analysis

President Obama's
2014 Budget

Assessment of impact of President's Budget on low- and moderate-income households and neighborhoods.


Collective Strength

Analysis of $3.3 billion impact of Philadelphia community development corporations.


Taking Care of Business

Report assesses Philadelphia's small business climate and recommends nine actions to improve business formation and growth.


No Place Like Home

Evaluation details how Philadelphia's foreclosure prevention model has worked, how it can be replicated in other cities, and how it can be improved.


Vacant Land Management in Philadelphia

Analysis of the cost to the City of Philadelphia of its poor vacant land management system.


When Investors Buy Up the Neighborhood

Report discusses the effect on neighborhoods when investors buy up properties and provides dozens of strategies to avoid negative impacts.


Going Mod

Report explores whether modular construction can lower the cost of constructing workforce housing in Philadelphia.


Making Equity and Inclusion Central to Federal Transportation

Brief explores the need to reform the nation's transportation investment priorities.


Reclaiming Foreclosed Properties for Community Benefit

Report provides a framework for developing a foreclosure recovery plan.


Effectively Preserving Philadelphia’s Workforce Housing Stock

Brief recommends ways in which the City of Philadelphia can cost-effectively weatherize and repair homes to end abandonment and stabilize neighborhoods.

action plan

An Action Plan for
the Central Delaware

Plan details actions needed to redevelop the post-industrial Central Delaware Riverfront as an open, green, active and connected community.

Desktop Guide

Community Revitalization

Guide shares a detailed three-step process for attracting private investment to older towns and cities to spur significant economic growth.

Coalition report

Next Great City Philadelphia

An urban environmental agenda to make every Philadelphia neighborhood a better place to live and work.

Policy report

Repairing Houses, Preserving Homes

Report explains why it is cost-effective for the city to make a substantial public investment to preserve its private, owner-occupied housing stock.

technical Resource guide

From Liability to Viability

A technical resource guide explores the latest thinking, research and best practices on residential abandonment.

Policy report

If We Fix It,
They Will Come

Report recommends actions to modernize Philadelphia's development review process and reform its zoning code.