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Date August 2014
Client School District of Philadelphia
Length 21 pages

action plan

School District Operations:
Getting to Great

This Two Year Action Plan details how the district can provide safe, high quality physical learning environments, food, and transportation services to their students.

The Philadelphia School District has over two hundred aging schools to maintain, and over 130,000 students to transport to school and provide with meals. Ensuring that students have safe and healthy school facilities, nutritious and appealing food, and safe, timely transportation is critical to the School Districtís ability to achieve its goals for student performance. May 8 worked with School District staff to establish goals for each Operations Division and a set of clear action steps to achieve those goals. The action steps were designed to increase staff productivity, improve transparency and accountability, and help students to achieve educational outcomes defined in the School District Plan.

The Action Plan establishes the goals for the School District and a series of actions that will:

1. Raise the standard for school facilities and ensure that every school is well-maintained, clean and in good repair;
2. Ensure every child has safe, timely travel to and from school;
3. Provide nutritious and appealing meals in a safe and pleasant environment; and
4. Reform procurement procedures to ensure the district acquires high quality goods and services at competitive prices.

The plan also begins to set out quantifiable goals that can be evaluated over time to define progress. The plan is used daily by staff at the School District to focus their work, to prioritize improvements, and to put in place more efficient and effective procedures.