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Date August ,2009
Client PolicyLink
Length 32 pages

Policy Brief

All Aboard! Making Equity and Inclusion

Central to Federal Transportation Policy

May 8 had the pleasure of contributing to this PolicyLink publication that discusses how federal transportation is vital to create more equitable, livable cities and regions. Working cooperatively with Victor Rubin and PolicyLink staff, May 8 explored the need to reform the nation’s transportation investment priorities and the opportunities the next transportation reauthorization bill will provide to achieve greater equity.

The research piece establishes core principles for achieving equity in transportation, and recommends these components for inclusion into the upcoming transportation reauthorization bill:

1. Increased access to affordable transportation choices.
2. Increased access to jobs through the transportation network.
3. Extension of transportation modes to all communities.
4. Focus on community health.
5. Promotion of environmentally sustainable communities.

Then using a simplest formulation for understanding equitable transportation investment and planning the brief analyses available data to define what communities and transportation users most benefit from federal investments, who pays to finance transportation improvements and who decides who should be funded and what the priority outcomes should be.

All of this information and insight should prove helpful as the nation once again contemplates the objectives behind its transportation policies as it embarks upon passage of a multi-billion dollar transportation reauthorization bill.