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Date March, 2006
Client Arcadia Land Company
Length 17 pages

brochure for a new town

Town of Bryn Eyre

A Traditional 21st Century Pennsylvania Town

Town of Bryn Eyre: A Traditional 21st Century Pennsylvania Town is an argument for redeveloping a 3000 acre Bethlehem Steel brownfield site in Berks County, PA into a traditional neighborhood community. May 8 became involved in this project because Arcadia Land was contemplating building the largest new Pennsylvania town in decades and building it in conformance with the best of New Urbanist and Smart Growth principles. The report was aimed at state and local officials who were accustomed to suburban style subdivisions and needed to understand the merits of higher density, smaller lot mixed use and narrower streets. With adjacent communities reaching completion and land becoming scarce in Chester, Montgomery and Lancaster Counties, Bryn Eyre will alleviate significant development pressures while preserving farms and open spaces. This is extremely important given that in 2000 alone, developers converted 2,700 acres of Berks County farmland to 545 residential units — an average of five acres to each housing unit. If Berks County continues these patterns, it will require 150,000 acres and the loss of 70% of Berks County’s remaining 215,679 acres of farmland to accommodate the 30,000 new units that will be needed in the next decade. Bryn Eyre offers a sustainable alternative by pursuing high density, traditional neighborhood development on a brownfield that will accommodate population growth and use land and finite resources wisely.

The town of Bryn Eyre at completion will include an estimated 12,500 homes and space for 16,000 permanent office, light industrial and retail jobs. Arcadia Land has obtained all needed approvals to build Bryn Eyre and is now waiting out the economic downturn and housing market crisis and then will begin to build.