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Date December, 2004
Client Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
Length 60 pages

technical resource guide

From Liability to Viability

Reclaiming Abandoned Pennsylvania II: A Technical Guide for Action

Reclaiming Abandoned Pennsylvania II: From Liability to Viability, A Technical Guide for Action is a technical resource handbook that explores the latest thinking, research and best practices on residential abandonment. The guide asks municipalities to think differently and begin to see abandoned land as a potential asset, sets out tools to prevent future abandonment, to acquire marketable title to property in order to reintroduce it to market, to transfer title to a responsible owner for productive reuse and how to finance your abandonment strategy. From Liability to Viability includes the following chapters:

1. Diagnosis
Why Pennsylvania’s Older Communities have Abandoned Residential Properties
2. Think Differently: The Reclaimed Land Asset Model
Seeing Abandoned Land as a Potential Asset
3. Taking Stock
Determining the Scope and Location of Abandoned Properties
4. Blight Prevention
Identifying at-risk properties, intervening and preventing future abandonment
5. Getting Abandoned Properties Back Onto the Market
6. Assemble and Store Land for Development
The Land Bank
7. Dollars
Financing Your Abandonment Strategy
8. New Tools
Descriptions of Recent Legislation That Offers New Tools To Address Abandonment