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Date November, 2003
Client Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
Length 40 pages

data brief

The State of Pennsylvania’s Housing

A Comparative Analysis of Need, Policy and Funding

The State of Pennsylvania’s Housing: A Comparative Analysis of Need, Policy and Funding provides baseline research on the strengths and weaknesses of Pennsylvania’s housing market to inform the state's process of determining a comprehensive housing strategy for Pennsylvania. This report analyzes and compares Pennsylvania’s homeowner, rental housing and public investment in our housing stock to four peer states: New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland and Massachusetts.

The analysis explores the challenges facing Pennsylvania homeowners where the majority of the housing stock is more than 40 years old, and more than one third of Pennsylvanians are unable to adequately maintain their property. Foreclosure rates are high and rising and there is unequal access to homeownership for non-white Pennsylvanians with 79% of Whites owning homes and only 53% of African Americans and 47% of Hispanics.

The report found that the rental housing stock in Pennsylvania has not grown since 1940. State public investment in housing is lower than our peer states and does not effectively leverage existing federal aid or compete for federal housing competitive grants.

The report concluded that Pennsylvania is at a comparative disadvantage to peer states in the production and maintenance of housing and without adequate investment, strategic leadership and an aggressive approach, Pennsylvania will continue to lag.