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Equitable Neighborhoods

Over fifteen years, May 8 successfully researched and advocated for an extensive series of new Pennsylvania laws to help local governments to reactivate properties, restore viable markets and create more equitable outcomes at the neighborhood level. May 8 and the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania then created a user friendly manual (that state and federal officials call the "bible") to advise local government officials on how to use these tools to build more equitable and inclusive communities.

Health and Housing

May 8 has helped innovate, fundraise and drive policy reform towards a $100 million investment by the City of Philadelphia into home repair grants and loans for houses owned by low- and moderate-income households to preserve affordable housing and improve health. Read a summary of the project. May 8 also led a 2-year process to create an award-winning cost-effective service delivery model called the Home Preservation Initiative that has helped hundreds of low-income, elderly, and disabled residents live healthfully in their homes and benefit from new amenities in changing West Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Coalition Building

May 8 builds diverse, effective coalitions of unlikely allies to achieve major changes to law and policy. In Next Great City, May 8 united over 100 neighborhood and city-wide non-profits to create healthy and sustainable neighborhoods. Similarly, May 8 brought together the FixItPhilly coalition to welcome investment into all city neighborhoods. These powerful coalitions implemented significant reforms that created new governance and a reorganization of the parks and recreation system, modern zoning, publicly accessible riverfronts, complete streets and energy benchmarking and disclosure laws.