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Healthy Food Access

May 8 has developed expertise in key models and resources to improve healthy food access in underserved communities.

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Healthy Food Access Portal


Economic Impact

May 8 works with its partners to set out clear, user-friendly economic impact statements that look at the true impact of key proposals or projects.

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President's Budget Analysis


Older Communities

May 8 offers revitalization strategies for older communities that need to leverage their assets to overcome decades of population and job loss and grow again.

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Community Revitalization Desktop Guide


Economic Development

May 8 helps local governments to create public investment strategies to grow markets or unlock the potential of existing assets to attract private investment.

example projects

An Action Plan for the Central Delaware


A Healthy Environment

May 8 explores feasible, high impact environmental policies that a city can adopt to improve resident health, save money and enhance quality of life.

example projects

Next Great City Philadelphia


Urban Zoning

A May 8 led education campaign resulted in the formation of a Zoning Reform Commission to rewrite Philadelphia’s dated Zoning Code.

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Philadelphia Zoning Reform Campaign (2007)


Regional Equity

May 8 analyzes government policies and economic forces that affect regional growth and explores the impact of these dynamics on municipalities, businesses and residents.

example projects

Flight or Fight


Foreclosed & Vacant Properties

May 8 recommends changes to state and local law and policy that will help to bring abandoned properties back into productive reuse.

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Reclaiming Foreclosed Properties for Community Benefit


Development Review

May 8 and the When We Fix It Coalition work to streamline Philadelphia’s development review process with continuing results.

example projects

If We Fix It, They Will Come


Workforce Housing

May 8 analyzes new approaches to providing a sufficient supply of affordable housing to meet demand unmet by the private market.

example projects

The State of Pennsylvania's Housing