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May 8 Consulting tackles tough challenges with great partners – our clients. Whether trying to revitalize a city, preserve open space, stop abandonment and blight, create environmental sustainability, or promote regional equity, our goal is to work with our clients to create an action plan to address these issues that is innovative, collaborative, high-impact, and politically feasible. We do not stop at creating the action plan, however; often, we work with our clients to implement the necessary changes.

May 8’s work has brought about changes to state and local laws, municipal policies and programs, and moved a city or town towards revitalization through reinvestment. The press agrees that May 8's work has the power to create change.

"Taking Care of Business: Improving Philadelphia's Small Business Climate," could spark some rejoicing because it is the opposite of a dry and boring report. It is clear, coherent and compelling, and provides action steps and common-sense solutions that could provide some canny elected official - the mayor, for example, or certain members of City Council - with a working blueprint for changing the city's economy."
—Philadelphia Daily News Editorial Page November 22, 2011

Whatever we do and however we do it, our goal is to create
positive change.

our process

We often begin by defining the issues and then building potential solutions. Next we may prepare a user-friendly, engaging report to educate decision-makers on the need to address the issue and how to do so. Or we may bring together organizations and help them to reach a consensus on strategy and join forces as a coalition to advance change. The result will be tangible and lasting. Learn more about our expertise and recent publications.

recent news

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