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May 8 Consulting is a woman-owned social impact consulting firm based in Philadelphia. May 8 Consulting tackles tough challenges in cities across the country with great partners – our clients. Whether trying to create inclusive neighborhoods, promote equitable economic growth, reactivate vacant properties, or improve residents' health, our goal is to work with our clients to create an action plan to address these issues that is innovative, collaborative, high-impact and politically feasible. We do not stop at creating a plan of action, however; often, we work with our clients to implement the necessary changes.

May 8 Consulting has brought about significant changes to law and policy that achieve high impact, measurable outcomes.

"The partnership between the Housing Alliance and May 8 Consulting has provided a powerful combination of a well-conceived, research-based framework and effective statewide advocacy to promote its adoption."
From Blight to Bright 2014

"Taking Care of Business: Improving Philadelphia's Small Business Climate," could spark some rejoicing because it is the opposite of a dry and boring report. It is clear, coherent and compelling, and provides action steps and common-sense solutions that could provide some canny elected official - the mayor, for example, or certain members of City Council - with a working blueprint for changing the city's economy."
—Philadelphia Daily News Editorial Page November 22, 2011

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Two publications that may be helpful to communities addressing the economic fallout of COVID-19 by May 8's Karen Black released:
Case Western Reserve What Works: How To Create Mixed Income Communities Through Affordable Housing Preservation (Spring 2020)
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American Planning & Law, American Planning Association: Innovative State and Local Tools to Take Action on Vacant and Problem Properties (Summer 2020)
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